Dec 16, 2009

Why some BlueTooth headset butons does not work in Meridian ** Modified **


I'm responded from HTC that this is because some devices, like HTC Magic or Hero in Android 1.6 or older, uses HTC's own bluetooth driver.
As a result, it's not intercepting signals, but it just can't be used by thrid-party apps.
This will be fixed after Android 2.0 (As we know Android fully supports bluetooth from 2.0), so let's wait.

Dec 3, 2009

Guys, I know you really want an Equalizer

But an equalizer can't be done in the Java layer and Android does not support that feature yet.
So until Android does it, I can't do anything for it.

Nov 16, 2009

0.1.4 release

I'm now going to do another work so I only shortly say it's a fixing update.
Oh ya, you can buy pre-release Pro version here:

Nov 12, 2009

About 0.1.0

Okay I never know Device ID is a HEX sequence rather than DEC one.
I'll fix it tomorrow, Meridian will keep unpublished for about half a day.

Nov 11, 2009

About the Pro version

I'm working on it, but as I'm not a U.S. nor U.K. citizen, I can't sell it on Market.
By now the plan is to sell on SlideME and AndAppStore, they offers Paypal payment.
Also, I'm not going to move many current features to Pro version only, but it also means Pro version won't have many extra features by now.
It does not make sense, maybe I'll think more about the Pro version's value.

About Moto Droid support

Okay, I don't have a Droid (and it's not sold here), and for some unknown reason my emulator keeps crashing, so I don't know how to implement Meridian to Droid or other WVGA devices now.

Oct 30, 2009

Meridian 16.3, and some message

16.3 is out, but I have no time to write documentation 'cause there's another work coming...
Since Google is so sloooooooooooooooow for money issues in countries outside US and UK, Meridian can't make money, and something can't make money can't make the boss happy.
Google Google, can I see the money plan for Taiwan when I'm alive?

Oct 21, 2009

Vocation Time

I'll take a trip to Japan for one week, and no response of Meridian will be applied in the week.

About ID3 Editing

Edit (10/29):
I was wrong, there's really a bug with gerne writing. Not along under I write.
This bug will be fixed at version 16.1, sorry for the bug and misdirected message.
In several days I get many report of editing ID3 tag will force close.
This is a bug, or maybe I should say it's a not well ported code.
Meridian now uses myid3 for tag editing, and it's written for PC Java.
I modified something to port it to Android, but not optimized it. So it eats lots of memory when saving a big tag, usually with an albumart picture. Phones have small memory, so it crashes.
I'm looking for native codes for this, but NDK does not support C++ standard library, so it's quite hard to find one. I'm not going to write from zero, so I need to wait pure C library, C++ support for NDK, or modify myID3.
Anyway, time is needed. I'm sorry for the inconvinience, please wait patiently for this.

Oct 19, 2009

Meridian Player Evolve 15.0 is now released

New Features
  • Support QVGA
  • Video view orientation changing gesture (URU for portrait, URD for landscape)
  • Disable trackball volume adjustment when turning off gestures
 Bugs fixed
  • f/c when deleting files with apostrophe in name or path
  • f/c on Donut 1.6 ROM while modifying SD card
  • Delete wrong files when deleting while playing
Update details

Support QVGA
New small-screen devices like HTC Tattoo will be able to get Meridian from Market directly by now.

Video view orientation changing gesture (URU for portrait, URD for landscape)
You can now use gestures to fix video orientation, note that this is a permanently changing, so if you want to change it back to automatic, you need to the open preference page
Slide up-right-up for portrait, up-right-down for landscape.

Disable trackball volume adjustment when turning off gestures
This can avoid unstable volume changing.

Oct 15, 2009

Meridian Player Evolve 14.0 is now released

New Features
  • Indivisual tab display ON/OFF
  • Seperately decide screen orientaion of all three views
  • AlbumArts can now be saved in /sdcard/AlbumArt folder, with filename of .jpg
  • Simplyfied Chinese support thank to 剜刀
 Bugs fixed
  • f/c when queue is empty
Update details

Indivisual tab display ON/OFF
In MENU -> Preferences ->  General, now there's an option "Tabs".
You can choose only tabs you want to show now. If you uncheck every thing, a single browser tab will remain.

Seperately decide screen orientaion of all three views
Screen orientation selection, including automatic rotating, is now seperated into Browser/Video/Music catalogies, so you can decide them independently now.

AlbumArts can now be saved in /sdcard/AlbumArt folder, with filename of .jpg
If you want to use local files for the albumarts, now you have another choice.
For example, If I want to customize album No Border 's art, I will:
  1. Save the art file as a jpg file.
  2. Name it No Border.jpg . Notice the file name (including the .jpg) is case sensitive, and you can't use special characters that can't appear in the filename.
  3. Create a directory in sdcard named AlbumArt, put the file in it. The folder name is also case sensitive.
  4. I'm done.
By the way, you can use unknown.jpg for unknown albums, but it will only be used in playing view, not in album list view.

It's middle of the October...

Yes I've heard your f/c issues on Donut 1.6, but my HTC Magic does not have the ROM update yet :(
I think it will come with the Hero ROM update, I'm waiting for the update, so please wait patiently.

Feb 18, 2009

Some features

Last weeks I was working for deafult features, but today I put a ringtone feature on Meridian Player.
You say the ringtone feature is a crap? No no no, it's because you can't edit it.
With Meridian, you can long press on a song, then launch Ringdroid directly. I like thie feature so much.

Feb 9, 2009

It's a decision

If I need to make some features to let people like Mikkon or Shabbaworm know it's just you don't know how to use the app, or may I think that I don't need to serve people without a brain? Hmm.

Oh yes, the playlist function is moving. By now it's only for music play, but I think I'll extend it for videos.

Feb 5, 2009

Meridian Player - Music Playback

Yap, it's copied and modified from the Android Source Code, so it's pretty similar.
Also, I decide to build media database by myself and the mp3 part is built.
Why don't use the same database (using ContentResolver) ? Simple. I don't know how to do :(
I hope it won't be problems while making playlists and sync with other apps...

Feb 2, 2009

OK, here is the scale of Music Player

365.9KB (source code only)
OK. I need time, but it's OK.
The major problem is license. Of course I'll use codes that opened, but some files it that.
I think simply copy that file into my project will force Meridian Player also licensed under Apache. So I need to find some ways to avoid that...

Progress: Playback Activity (The starting point)

Jan 21, 2009

The next move of Meridian Player

Yes, it will be rename to Meridian Player since I'll make it be able to play music!
Once I did something I'll write it here.
Codec supports? Ugrrr...maybe another day.

Jan 12, 2009

Yeah, Meridian Video Player does not update for a while

Okay, I can say it's because I'm trying to make the player be able to play other file formats like mpeg2, wmv9, flv/vp6 etc.
But it's very hard...I have no idea when I can reach. It's too hard to be free :(

Jan 6, 2009

Native Faith - MP4 header parser

700ms-930ms -> 350ms-550ms (depending on garbage thread)

Well, native methods are faster, but not as fast as I've thought about. (I wished for a like 10-times speeding up)
I'm very worry about if ffmpeg can be run on G1......