Nov 24, 2010

About lock screen widget of Meridian

After trying Lock Screen widgets of like Mixzing and PowerAMP, and lock screen apps like WidgetLocker or so, I choose to make a special lock screen widget of Meridian.
I strongly recommend users to install a lock screen app (WidgetLocker Lockscreen is very nice), then put Meridian's normal widget on it. This way works more flawlessly and beautiful.

Nov 1, 2010

Difference between Meridian Pro from Market and PayPal

First of all, buying Meridian Pro from Market or PayPal does not differ in the application features. They are totally identical except the authorizing method. Also, you don't need both of them. One of them is fine.

The differences are:
  • With a Market auth app you need to keep it installed in the phone, and with a PayPal auth key you need to input it into Meridian main app.
  • Market auth app is Google account dependent, where PayPal auth key is device dependent.
  • Thus, if you changed your phone with a PayPal auth key, you need to mail me for a new key.
  • In the other hand, if you changed your Google account for some reason, you need to rebuy Pro if you're using a Market auth app.
  • With price $2.99, PayPal's fee is $0.42 and Market's fee is $0.90. More than twice, but since on PayPal I need to pay effort for device changing request, both are fine for me.
As a user I'll suggest you to buy from Market if you can. It's much convenient.
I have also heard PayPal will join Market's payment, maybe it will be the time I totally shift to Market buying.

Stupid F/C bug in 1.2.2

In Meridian Hermit 1.2.2 there's a major bug, which will make everyone turning data collection off force closes every time.
First of all I want to say I'm not forcing you to enable data collection. If I want to do so I'll just remove the option or doing that secretly.
Okay, so what's the problem? This is the buggy code:

  if (tracker != null) {
    // do tracks...

If user disable data collection, the tracker will be a null pointer. and thus F/C on a NullPointerException.
Yeah, very stupid bug. It of course need to be this:

  if (tracker != null) {
    // do tracks...

I apologize for the bug but all test phones I use was turning collection on :p
You know it's hard to develope and test everything by one man blah blah.
Sorry for the inconvenience again, in addition to tens of mails I got and replied X_X