Dec 18, 2008

I'm very very sorry to say that

My HDD for work is dead and the backup of Meridian is Ver 0.2.0.

I sweared I'll never buy a Seagate HDD again when I'm in the university, then now my office gave me a Seagate HDD and it just crush without any warning. How cute.

Dec 16, 2008

Details for 0.5.1 updates - Meridian Video Player

Many users say they get pausing and pausing, so I restrict the flipping to 165 degrees. God bless.
And an auto-detection of Rapid Browser is applied.
Finally, you can now brwose ALL video files in your SD card with an option. No need to know exactly where the file is.

Dec 15, 2008

Ahh, Android Market does not have auto-update checking

That really sucks...I have no idea how many users are not noticed for the powerful updates.
But to insert auto-update checking makes no sense, too. It only makes the player slow and proceed more Force Close.
I think it's not difficult to do this for Google, god bless we can have one as soon as possible.
The versioning can stop me for update but can't help my users' updating lol

Dec 11, 2008

Screenshots for Meridian Video Player 0.5.0

Main browser in emulator, portrait

Preference Settings, Landscape

Real Playback on G1

Gesture Control - No need of buttons

Well if you like buttons, here you are

Seeking Gestures, Seek Bar

Details for 0.5.0 updates - Meridian Video Player

Update details:

Enhanced resuming point
Whatever how you leave the playing playback, the player will resume automatically so you can just continue watching.
Even if you exit the player normally, watching the same video to last played will resume, too.
Notice: If the player changes its situation while video is paused, the video will be played automatically. I tried to prevent this but yet not find the way.

Preference settings
Now you can customize the player.

Rapid Browser
Playability guessing and extra information are good, but it takes time especially if you put many files in one directory.

Exit on Finishing
When a video is finished or can't be played, you'll be bringed to browser screen automatically.

Automatically Rotate
Sensor-based rotating. Of course auto-resume when you change the direction.
You may turn this off, and use fixed orientation. Beside Landscape and Portrait, I also apply the "Dual" mode, which is Portrait for browser but Landscape for playback.

Gestures ON/OFF
Sometimes a single tap pause is annoying. You can turn it off here.

When you put the device on a table faced-down, the video will pause automatically. Turn it face down and put it into a pocket does not need any tap.
Restart the video by yourself anytime.

Improved Layout & Appearance
Recently played items are now built as tabs so there's more space for the browser.
Icons are completed.

The project page is at

Dec 6, 2008

Big trap in "downgrade"

Using "App Installer", I tried to uninstall my app (v0.4) for replacing a older version (v0.3), then Android says it's an "incompatible update".
When I turn to adb, it says "Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]".
The worst thing is, now I want to go back to v0.4, but I still got these messages.
I can't find any way and there's Factory Reset. It works of course. SUCK.

I guessing it's because App Installer uses -k for uninstalling...

Dec 4, 2008

Meridian Video Player updates to Ver 0.4.0

I've put it on the Android Market, or you can access its page below:

Update details:

Gesture: Up-Down
Set mute ON/OFF. G1 does not supply a mute button, so I make one. Also in the control menu.
When the playback is over, mute will automatically set as OFF.

Playable not playable guessing display
I still don't know what actually G1 can play, but at least I can guess.

New seeking gesture
Well this one comes from Cinema(Will it updates?). This method is good for delicate seeking. You can use the seekbar for big jumping.

Menu control panel
Well I know people don't read gesture (ry

File delete
Only deletion now.

Better seekbar
The previous one is just nonsense. Okay, okay, I know this one does not make much sense either, but at least is better.
I'm not a designer at all.


BTW, I know many people don't read tutorial, but it's sad to get one star just because the user does not read tutorial :<