Oct 21, 2009

About ID3 Editing

Edit (10/29):
I was wrong, there's really a bug with gerne writing. Not along under I write.
This bug will be fixed at version 16.1, sorry for the bug and misdirected message.
In several days I get many report of editing ID3 tag will force close.
This is a bug, or maybe I should say it's a not well ported code.
Meridian now uses myid3 for tag editing, and it's written for PC Java.
I modified something to port it to Android, but not optimized it. So it eats lots of memory when saving a big tag, usually with an albumart picture. Phones have small memory, so it crashes.
I'm looking for native codes for this, but NDK does not support C++ standard library, so it's quite hard to find one. I'm not going to write from zero, so I need to wait pure C library, C++ support for NDK, or modify myID3.
Anyway, time is needed. I'm sorry for the inconvinience, please wait patiently for this.

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