Feb 9, 2009

It's a decision

If I need to make some features to let people like Mikkon or Shabbaworm know it's just you don't know how to use the app, or may I think that I don't need to serve people without a brain? Hmm.

Oh yes, the playlist function is moving. By now it's only for music play, but I think I'll extend it for videos.


Владимир said...

Hi! What format is used by Android (Music Player, Meridian Player) for play lists? Is it m3u? Where these files suupose to be placed on Android?
I found that it is annoying and inconvenient to create play lists on Android device and wonder if syncing play lists on a PC and Android G1 using MediaMonkey would work?
Thank you

Romulus said...

Android's playlist is saved in internal memory, can't be accessed easily.
Meridian also uses its own playlist files, so m3u files aren't usable yet.
M3U support and sychronization is in the todo list, please wait patiently for that, thank you.