Dec 17, 2010

The most encouraging update for Android Market ever

These days Android Market has a major update, both in use client and developer console.
I have to say the updates are marvelous and hitting the points.
The promotion space is much better now. I can now put 8 screenshots, linking a video, and have now 4000 characters to describle my app. Well I know no user will read more than 1000 characters, but it's very good for searching and noticing.
Also, the "Recent Changes" is important. When I update an app I always want to know what's new. Forcing users to read Change Note web page is non-sense.
I also like the new Market user client, but you all can see how it's changing, so I won't talk here.
Good job, Google. (and the team from WebOS I guess)

Dec 6, 2010

Meridian new widget questionnaires

We're taking care of new widgets of Meridian. 
Please let us know your thought at: