Nov 16, 2009

0.1.4 release

I'm now going to do another work so I only shortly say it's a fixing update.
Oh ya, you can buy pre-release Pro version here:

Nov 12, 2009

About 0.1.0

Okay I never know Device ID is a HEX sequence rather than DEC one.
I'll fix it tomorrow, Meridian will keep unpublished for about half a day.

Nov 11, 2009

About the Pro version

I'm working on it, but as I'm not a U.S. nor U.K. citizen, I can't sell it on Market.
By now the plan is to sell on SlideME and AndAppStore, they offers Paypal payment.
Also, I'm not going to move many current features to Pro version only, but it also means Pro version won't have many extra features by now.
It does not make sense, maybe I'll think more about the Pro version's value.

About Moto Droid support

Okay, I don't have a Droid (and it's not sold here), and for some unknown reason my emulator keeps crashing, so I don't know how to implement Meridian to Droid or other WVGA devices now.