Jan 21, 2009

The next move of Meridian Player

Yes, it will be rename to Meridian Player since I'll make it be able to play music!
Once I did something I'll write it here.
Codec supports? Ugrrr...maybe another day.

Jan 12, 2009

Yeah, Meridian Video Player does not update for a while

Okay, I can say it's because I'm trying to make the player be able to play other file formats like mpeg2, wmv9, flv/vp6 etc.
But it's very hard...I have no idea when I can reach. It's too hard to be free :(

Jan 6, 2009

Native Faith - MP4 header parser

700ms-930ms -> 350ms-550ms (depending on garbage thread)

Well, native methods are faster, but not as fast as I've thought about. (I wished for a like 10-times speeding up)
I'm very worry about if ffmpeg can be run on G1......