Aug 19, 2011

New app: Multipost

Available in Android Market

Do you use multiple social network sites and is tired to post the same message on each site time and time?

This app can launch apps for each social network in a batch, so you can just input message one time, then just tap "Send" or "Post" on your favorite social apps.

Note: You need app supporting "share" function for the social network site you use.

search keyword: Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Google Plus, Google +, Linkedin

Jul 6, 2011

Releasing develop version of Meridian Revolution:


  • Change art behavior in album list, video list, and playQ list
  • Change track number format to #.
  • Support pad's external SD card and USB storage
  • Move "show unrated songs" option to star threshold dialog
  • Fix album forced low resolution album art in play view bug
  • Fix video tab or file f/c or ANR bug
  • Fix bitmap memory leak f/c bug
  • Remove "video playlist", integrated into playQ.
  • Remove "audiobook tab", integrated into playQ.
  • Remove "Rapid Browser", which is a workaround for really old Android and devices.