Jun 21, 2010

New App: Queek Music Shuffler

Just want to easy and shuffle play your massive lovely songs? Try Queek!
Queek is a great tool for people have lots of songs in their phone, and is tired to index them all the time.
Just play. Auto shuffle, auto skipping songs you don't like that much.
For indexing and play lists, please try Meridian Media Player.


Jun 17, 2010

Bad news and bad news for Android


I wish this article is just an unreal rumor.
There are so many things and issues to fix and so many functions to make, and they decide to fight against their so-called "partners" huh?
Absolutely Google works so bad with cooperations, the Market payment region extending process is fucking slow, my app disappears from Market and I have no some more detailed information of what's happening, Google does not have a support mechanism, I just keep apologizing to my users.
And I'm still stuck with Android's weak multimedia framework, the AdMob component does not show up, the Google Adsense is another US only feature, blah blah.
It was a bright future to me a year ago, but now it's filled with darkness. Android is running toward a wrong direction.
Wish it's not too late to join Apple's side.

Jun 11, 2010

Meridian Pioneer is currently invisible on Market for 1.5 and 1.6 devices

In fact I don't know what's going on, and I don't think it's me messed up something.
I keep the min SDK as 3 and target SDK as 4, they should not act like that.
Google says it's fixed three days ago, but no, it's not.
I'm asking Google and finding some resolution to avoid this, but with no luck yet.
Hope we can overcome this soon.