Dec 4, 2008

Meridian Video Player updates to Ver 0.4.0

I've put it on the Android Market, or you can access its page below:

Update details:

Gesture: Up-Down
Set mute ON/OFF. G1 does not supply a mute button, so I make one. Also in the control menu.
When the playback is over, mute will automatically set as OFF.

Playable not playable guessing display
I still don't know what actually G1 can play, but at least I can guess.

New seeking gesture
Well this one comes from Cinema(Will it updates?). This method is good for delicate seeking. You can use the seekbar for big jumping.

Menu control panel
Well I know people don't read gesture (ry

File delete
Only deletion now.

Better seekbar
The previous one is just nonsense. Okay, okay, I know this one does not make much sense either, but at least is better.
I'm not a designer at all.


BTW, I know many people don't read tutorial, but it's sad to get one star just because the user does not read tutorial :<

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