Dec 11, 2008

Details for 0.5.0 updates - Meridian Video Player

Update details:

Enhanced resuming point
Whatever how you leave the playing playback, the player will resume automatically so you can just continue watching.
Even if you exit the player normally, watching the same video to last played will resume, too.
Notice: If the player changes its situation while video is paused, the video will be played automatically. I tried to prevent this but yet not find the way.

Preference settings
Now you can customize the player.

Rapid Browser
Playability guessing and extra information are good, but it takes time especially if you put many files in one directory.

Exit on Finishing
When a video is finished or can't be played, you'll be bringed to browser screen automatically.

Automatically Rotate
Sensor-based rotating. Of course auto-resume when you change the direction.
You may turn this off, and use fixed orientation. Beside Landscape and Portrait, I also apply the "Dual" mode, which is Portrait for browser but Landscape for playback.

Gestures ON/OFF
Sometimes a single tap pause is annoying. You can turn it off here.

When you put the device on a table faced-down, the video will pause automatically. Turn it face down and put it into a pocket does not need any tap.
Restart the video by yourself anytime.

Improved Layout & Appearance
Recently played items are now built as tabs so there's more space for the browser.
Icons are completed.

The project page is at

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