Apr 27, 1999

(Stick) Meridian Pro Version FAQ and Feature

First of all, you can now buy Pro version (professional version) by tapping the Upgrade button in Meridian's MENU. (Don't do it by donate please, donate is just donate)
Some FAQ and Features are contained below.


Q: Why don't you just sell it on Google Android Market?
A: Because the Market does not support my country - Taiwan - to sell (or even buy) paid app yet. I really want to do it now, but Google quite sucks on dealing this.

Q: What if I replace my phone? Do I need to rebuy serial key?
A: No, you don't. However, the key is bound by the phone, so you need a new key for your new phone. Foward your PayPal recipient to urakagi@gmail, and I'll give you a new one at free.
This will get simple if Google allows me to sell on Market :/

Q: I need to use Pioneer version for the features?
A: Not all of them, but basically YES.


.lrc file support
For a song named "song.mp3" (or other extensions), name the lrc file "song.lrc" and put it in the same folder, or /sdcard/Lyric. The lyric will show up concurrently.

Search and Download album art

4x3 and 4x4 widget with album art
It looks like this:

PlayQ picker
You can select multiple media files by just tapping them once. Do this by long tapping on your PlayQ, then choose "Picker".
You can watch a demo video here.

Audio book tab
Please create an "AudioBook" directory under sdcard (or if you open AudioBook tab it will create one), and put your files in a sub-directory named as the book. Then you will find the directory in AudioBook tab, tap it will play the audiobook.

Sleep timer
When playing music, you can set a timer to auto stop music in specified time.

Cue music file playing support
Please use Browser tab to tap on the cue file. Also please make sure the path described is correct.

Subtitle adjustment
You can adjust the text size and color of subtitles in the Preference page.

Brightness adjusting gesture
Long tap video until you see "Gesture Holding Mode" in the top-right corner, that slide up for lighten, down for darken.

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