Jan 12, 2010

Auto Starting Bug

This is a confirmed major bug, but I still can't find the reason.
I have gotten several different reports of auto starting (Disconnecting headset, disconnecting bluetooth, end of a call, etc.), but all of them do not appear when I do it in my office :(
In fact myself sometimes meet the auto-start, but I have totally no idea since I'm not taking log yet. Hope the logged version now will produce more hint.
...First of all, I can only wait it occurs. Grrr.


Dirk said...

Can you comment on the use of Flurry in the latest update? Many people on the Marketplace are upset about it and uninstalling the application.

What data are you collecting? How can I be sure you are not collecting phone call records and other information?

Please address this immediately, as the app is suffering very badly. I have stopped using it since the latest upgrade because of the questions raised.

Finally, many people would like to buy the app to remove data collecting and ads. Is the pro beta happening and active? I see it on your webpage. I cannot tell if the offer is recent and active or outdated - I don't want to waste my money if the project is not continuing.


Romulus said...

I'll write it right now/