Jan 27, 2010

Meridian Pro Auto-buying is now online

In past two days I studied about Python and Google App Engine, and now the auto-buying site is working. Wow, what an era.
From now you just need to tap the Upgrade button in MENU, check out with PayPal on your phone, then you'll get an e-mail with authorization information.
If you meet any problem with auto buying please let me know.


Dirk said...

I paid for pro version via the website on Jan 26 and haven't received pro code yet. Can you please send to me? I can forward the paypal email if you want.


Romulus said...

Hi, in my log I have sent your key on Jan 27.
I'll send it again.

Dirk said...

Hey again - this is Carl. Have you re-sent the pro code yet? I have carefully checked and I did not receive the original email or any re-sent email. I checked spam folder and searched all mail several ways.

Can you verify you are sending to the below email address? And let me know what subject line or address I should watch for.