Jan 26, 2010

About Meridian's Pro version

Meridian has a beta-version Pro version now - you can buy it here.
There's some unavoidable reasons for this bad type selling:
  • I'm a Taiwanese, and Google Market does not offer selling paid apps in Taiwan yet. I'll complain Google is soooooo slow on this, but the only thing I can do is to wait.
  • I'm now generating keys manually, and since I can not use full time on Meridian, massive orders will knock me out.
  • The "Upgrade" button in Meridian is planned to be enabled if one of above two problem is solved. I'm asking about someone to make a PayPal-paying webpage that can automatically generate keys, but no response yet.
  • Pro version by now does not have many features. At least I want to implement PlayQ picking and another music playing view.
  • By the way, I plan to sell Pro version with $2.99.
I'm sorry for the inconvinience and know it's a hard competition on Android's local file multimedia player. I beg you for the patience, please wait with us.

Thank you!


Unknown said...

If the pro version should ever get the ability to playback avi files likes yxflash player does it i would definately go for it!

now that the Nexus one is here, it is possible to do proper unconverted avi / wmv file playback! i know it, om doing it on mine.

Romulus said...

Hi Christian,
I'm sorry but I have to say we don't have the skill to support flash/wmv9/avi for Android yet.

Unknown said...

Yeah, i know. ive tried your player, and see that you dont support it, all im saying is, if the pro version should get it some time down the road, id buy it!

kokiangel said...

I have to say I am glad I purchased the pro version. I love having the ability to use the audiobooks option. I am not all that interested in watching movies on my phone but it is nice to have that option as well in the same app. Nice and easy to understand controls. Easy to see where to put files and folders. I love it. Wish others would sit up and take notice of this great player. It should be very popular.

Henry said...

Hi! I just uninstall this program but it sent out the mail to all of my contact on gmail. Can you let me know why happen like this way, this mail was ask someone to link the website www.roorp.info. Please let me know your feedback.
Sorry my name is Henry

Romulus said...

I'm not sending any mails like that. I even don't know who has uninstalled my app.
And since Meridian does not require your Google account and contacts, it has no way to know who are in your contact.
I don't know what's wrong with your phone, but I know it is not related to Meridian.

RSN023 said...

I just started playing with Meridian Noble today. Currently I have Android 1.5 running on a Droid Eris - waiting for the Verizon Nexus One (with baited breath)!!

I WOULD LOVE (PAY) to see Meridian be able to play gapless playback!! There are several others that having been discussion it on androidforums.com as well. Meridian has the smallest gap in between songs as of now.

Oh, I hope you can make my dreams come true!!! I have already been praising Meridian and would insist everyone I know to use it if it just had gapless playback!! Seems like such a small request. haha

Seriously, great job - I love the player now and use it instead of the one that comes with Android 1.5.

Thanks again!

Romulus said...

Hi Randy,
I know everyone wants gapless playback, but it's a pity - it's not technically possible now (at least I don't know a way).
Let's wait together for Google to do this to Android.

Goattee said...

I would like to see these added features:

- Bookmark audio and video files for easy return to the same spot.
- Two modes for the time bar:
o default
o fine: this one would be good for moving 1-3 minutes in a podcast or 30 seconds - 1 minute in a song
- Skip forward (30 seconds, 1 minute)
- Skip back (30 seconds, 1 minute)

Unknown said...

I tried to reload my music library and everything is hanging now. I'm guessing that I missed a directory. I removed the albumthumbs and music directory and replaced it with a new music directory. Did I miss something?

Unknown said...

Just wanted to mention that my music final returned. It appears that there is a lag once I've re-sync'd before the music is available. Is that correct? If so, it would be nice to see a progression bar showing how far along the re-sync has progressed. Also, I'd like to see the letter show when you rapid progress through a list of songs. Thanks. Love the app!

Romulus said...

I guess you're talking about Android's media scanning mechanism, and it's handled by phone, not by Meridian.
You can download rescan app like "SD Rescan" to "resync" your music immediately.


Upgraded to PRO to be able to play audiobooks. My book has files names 1.mp3, 2.mp3, etc. in Windows this has books in correct order from 1 to 260 - in player it plays 8, 9, 10, 100, 101 etc - how to I fix to play in order

Romulus said...

Try track "001" rather than "1".