Jul 6, 2011

Releasing develop version of Meridian Revolution:



  • Change art behavior in album list, video list, and playQ list
  • Change track number format to #.
  • Support pad's external SD card and USB storage
  • Move "show unrated songs" option to star threshold dialog
  • Fix album forced low resolution album art in play view bug
  • Fix video tab or file f/c or ANR bug
  • Fix bitmap memory leak f/c bug
  • Remove "video playlist", integrated into playQ.
  • Remove "audiobook tab", integrated into playQ.
  • Remove "Rapid Browser", which is a workaround for really old Android and devices.


vey said...

Wish: I am glad that the Music List has a way to list by date. But I wish it would list oldest first rather than newest first.

Romulus said...

OK, I'll note it.

Luiz Felipe said...

The subtitles in videos don't support characters like ã â ú í õ...


Romulus said...

Save your subtitle file in UTF-8 text encoding will solve that problem.

zubovm said...

Sorry, may be it's the wrong place to ask, but I don't know where else: does Meridian player supports switch between audio tracks of video file ? is there other description of functions but FAQ ? can one turn subtitles on and off ?

thanks in advance, Zubov M.

zubovm said...

P.S. or switch integrated subtitles in mkv like linux mplayer does ?

vey said...

Since my last comment here there was an update on Nov. 17. It claims to: Fix notification bar text color invisible problem.
I didn't see that flaw in the previous version, but I do now. Maybe you fixed it in the other versions of Android, but broke it in mine?
The text is light gray, the same color as my notification bar.
Motorola Droid original
Android version 2.2.2
Build FRG83G (stock)

Romulus said...

I'll try to check devices with 2.2- Android and without HTC Sense.

vey said...

Thanks for fixing that.
How hard is it to put in a pre-amp? My speakers are loud enough, but maximum earphone and bluetooth volumes are very low.

Romulus said...

It's not possible for Meridian, I think. It does not have individual sound rending, so can't do pre-amp.

Unknown said...