May 25, 2010

Android Developers Blog: Android Application Error Reports

Android Developers Blog: Android Application Error Reports

Yeah I have received the bug reports from users. This is very, very helpful and cool feature. Thank you Google!
But I wonder what devices get this? I thought this is a Froyo feature, but I have seen some reports from Droid. They're not getting Froyo right?
And I also don't have it on my Nexus One running Froyo. There's just one Force Close button there. It's not from the OTA but a 44 MB, maybe it's the difference?

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Trekker Dan said...

There was never any rumor in USA about Droid original NOT getting FroYo - the plan was yes, as long as Verizon would be allowed to add it's crap layer, and they will. As you have figuerd out certainly by now. (Better take it while they can, as Google is no longer allowing their branded phones to have OEM layers applied)

BTW, as I read up higher in the blog, the reason ANY apps "disappear" from the market is when their are too many red flags, their reviewed, then the app goes back up on market. The biggest complaint that I have seen, the Market folks take VERY seriously. And that is the use of external pay methods. The devs are SUPPOSED to and are ENCOURAGED to use the Google pay system, not paypal or external CC methods.

As 99% of all apps in the Market DO use the Google pay system, obviously almost EVERYONE is complying - even if they are in a different country - Google merchant system works with ALL currencies.