Mar 16, 2010

Meridian 0.13.0 is released, with new widget and album art fixes

  • (Pro) 4x3 widget with album art
  • Button style settings
  • Fix customized album art now showing bug
  • Fix phone start-up f/c bug
  • App version number shows in preference, about page, and FAQ page on title bar
The new widget looks like below. Also, you can change the button style now (Only two styles so far though). Please do it from preference as you can see.


Dirk said...

2 things - question and a suggestion

I don't like bringing this up again, but I still haven't received a Pro code. I paid on 26 January and we talked about it then. You were going to resend, but I don't know if you did - I have not received anything. Can you please contact me by email to sort this out?

The next killer feature would be putting a control widget directly on the lock screen. Some of the homescreen replacements (Home++ and SweeterHome) put a widget for the built-in Music app.

Putting stop/start/pause/prev/next buttons on the lock screen would be kickass, and a huge feature compared to other media players.

Romulus said...

Er? I have resent, the mail is still in my GMail archive.
Well since the single key is not private message, I'll just paste it here:

砂井裏鍵(aka Romulus 仲明) ✆
寄給 carl.scharenbe.

顯示詳細資料 1月 27日

Thank you for purchasing Meridian.
102588543692799 will be your key, you can input this in the bottom of Meridian's preference page.

The lock screen control is absolutely a killer feature...for HTC.
It affects the low level framework, and only can be done with a framework hacking (like HTC Sense)

Dirk said...

Excellent, thanks so much. The email problem is very weird - none of them reached my inbox or spam folders. I'm glad to have it now.

Keep up the great work!